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Members of Team Upila are on a constant endeavor to reach digital excellence. We take a deep dive everyday into the digital abyss and we come up with interesting findings that will help us and most definitely others who are striving to create an strong impression in the digital world. We do need a place to put these findings down and get everyone to read. This is that place. Binge on!

Topic Modelling & Semantic Connectivity

SEOs, What do You Know About Topic Modeling & Semantic Connectivity?

The search engines especially Google and Bing are good at understanding the intention of people who search over internet. That is, the search engine can understand what they search for even if that's not exactly what they search for. Did you ever think how the search engine can perform like this? It is really very difficult, let us ...

Seo for Your Business Website

Heard that You Don't Want SEO for Your Business Website?

SEO or Search engine optimization is a widely misunderstood term among business owners and marketing experts. There are a lot of people who still believes that SEO is collection activities that is kind of a black magic which helps to rank your website on top of search engines. Some believe its about ...

Visual Metaphors

Few Fascinating Facts about Visual Metaphors How it Works in Advertising?

Where to begin is the primary possible problem we confront in writing- esp. when we have given the complete freedom to choose the topic. LANGUAGE, DESIGN & MIND, three things I' m quite excited about! Here, I' m going to share few ideas about something ...

Google's Mobile Friendly Algorithm

Google’s ‘Mobile-Friendly’ Algorithm: A Great Impact on your websites Mobile Search Ranking

Is your website mobile-friendly or responsive? If not, it will be much harder to rank your website in mobile search results. This is after the late April update of Google’s search algorithm. Many fear that this update will crush their present search rankings and they have aptly nicknamed it Mobilegeddon!