Social Media Optimization
and online reputation management:

Marketing on Social Media is no more considered as Tier 2 marketing and this is especially true for consumer products and brands. Social Media Marketing is integral to your business development as it is one of the most cost effective ways to reach out to your consumers.

with social media

  • Spread Brand awareness,
  • create brand recall,
  • promote product or service,
  • engage audience through interactive campaigns,
  • increase website traffic,
  • generate conversions for ecommerce sales
  • and also sell products directly on your social media page.

The Social Media Managers at UPILA can suggest the social platforms that will prove useful to your brands marketing.

UPILA provides turnkey social media optimization services, which will include brand promotion over multiple social media sites like, Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Pinterest etc.

In addition to populating your social pages with great content in-order to create followers, we also develop and integrate custom social apps that will increase customer engagement.

Social Media Advocates at UPILA use updated social media management software to update and track your brands social progress, as well monitor any social mentions about your brand.

Reports and Analysis: We provide you a monthly detailed report of your brands social media activity which will even include the cases in which your brand has been talked or mentioned about on any of the social networks.

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