Is your website mobile-friendly or responsive? If not, it will be much harder to rank your website in mobile search results. This is after the late April update of Google’s search algorithm. Many fear that this update will crush their present search rankings and they have aptly nicknamed it Mobilegeddon! (psst..Armageddon of Mobile).

Google declared that the ‘Mobile-Friendly' algorithm update will make significant changes in mobile search results WORLDWIDE. This algorithm update will help to boost the ranking position of websites that are mobile-friendly or responsive. The point to note here is that the ‘Mobile-Friendly’ algorithm brings changes only to mobile searches, i.e. the searches from smart phones and tablets; not for the searches from lap-tops or desktops.

The algorithm update is applied ‘Page by Page’ and ‘Worldwide’ in ‘Real Time’ accordingly. ‘Worldwide’ indicates that the algorithm update will effect mobile search results in all countries at the same time, rather than just rising out in the U.S. first.

And ‘page by page’ means that each webpage in your website will be judged separately for mobile friendliness. It is a good sign because, if your shopping cart pages are mobile friendly and some of your pages including forms are not, the mobile unfriendly pages will not affect the ranking of the entire site.

‘Real Time’ means that you can see the ranking benefit of making your site mobile friendly promptly. The next time Google bots crawl through your web pages and finds out that the pages have been made mobile-friendly(responsive), the mobile-friendly algorithm gets activated for those pages. This especially is good news because for earlier algorithm updates we had to wait for a month or more for it to be applied on our web pages. Suppose, an update was made to your website and unfortunately that makes pages mobile unfriendly, the mobile-friendly ranking algorithm would be activated for those pages immediately and your webpage will be considered as mobile unfriendly. So, the algorithm works in real time and is therefore a double edged sword!

Google declared that the aim of the Mobile-Friendly algorithm update is to improve the search experience of mobile searchers. We have to admit that it is really annoying to search on a mobile phone and land on a webpage that is not mobile-friendly, wherein you would have to pinch and scroll(horizontally) to navigate around.

This is basically a call from Google for all businesses to make their website mobile friendly if they are looking to gain traffic from mobiles users, which by the way is the majority of all internet users. If you are an ecommerce business and if you still haven’t made your website mobile friendly, this update might prove to be real big blow to your business.

So speak to your web design team today and get them to make your website responsive!

An Example for Mobile-Friendly Impact

The following is an example of search result for the keyword “formal dresses” from a mobile. From the 21st of April onwards the results on your Smartphone will be reorganized based on the relative mobile friendliness of the sites.

The image below shows my mobile search result for “formal dresses.”

Mobile Search
Mobile Search

Impact on Site’s Ecommerce Performance

First make sure Google sees your site mobile friendly. To check mobile friendliness of a web page, Google has provided a tool to test your sites mobile friendliness, which helps you examine each web page you enter for its mobile friendliness. The below image explains a web page that is not mobile friendly, and Google recommends some corrections to resolve those issues.

Mobile Friendly Test

This website can improve its ranking by resolving the issues shown by the search engine, which in-effect calls for a redesign of the website into a responsive one. Click here to know more about a responsive website.