Where to begin is the primary possible problem we confront in writing- esp. when we have given the complete freedom to choose the topic. LANGUAGE, DESIGN & MIND, three things I' m quite excited about! Here, I' m going to share few ideas about something that connects these three.

Visual Metaphor!

Visuals are everywhere. Recent researches reveal that each day we come across a minimum of 5000 images as ads. And have you ever wondered what makes us remember certain ads out of this pile of pictures?!

Instead of going into the intricacies of the multifaceted aspects of visual arts, I intend to give you a brief idea about how we can make use of imagery, precisely visual metaphors, in com¬munication to make it remarkably powerful.

And to make it concise and easy to digest, I'll give the basic ideas about visual metaphors and how they work in advertising, which I guess, you will find interesting and useful.

What's a Visual Metaphor?

You may have pretty good idea about what' s a Metaphor inprose and poetry. In language, it can be defined as a word or phrase for one thing that is used to refer to another thing in order to show or suggest that they are similar.

Visual Metaphor is quite similar to that. One image or set of images might be used to represent another image or set of images, and serve to assist the viewer in recalling prior knowledge of familiar concepts. To put it in simple terms, it's an image/ set of images that stands as a symbol of some-thing else. For example, a heart pierced by an arrow stands for LOVE.

How it works in Advertising?

A Picture Worth a Thousand Words(or more)

Modern advertising relies heavily on visual metaphors. With Visual Metaphors, an idea can easily be con-veyed in a more powerful manner. There should be a balance between the copy and visual. If you go for a visual metaphor, make sure that you use a catchy, complementary copy.

Visual metaphors has a significant role to play in branding. They are essential to create a strong brand identity. Visual metaphors are the best possible means for etching brand names into the consumer con-science. They are highly powerful than you think that they can reach the deeper psychological realms of the viewer and leave an impact on his perception. As you can see that even a small baby can distinguish between the logos of apple and windows.

Significance in Social Media

A Picture Worth a Thousand Words(or more)

Social media platforms reveal the real far reaching implications of visual metaphors.

A simple image can take over thousands of words. It can instantly convey things and leave a strong impact on the viewer. No need to frame volumes of descriptive details about what you really intend to convey.

Few Things to Remember

Keys to create powerful visual metaphors

  • Neither too simple nor too complex

    An effective metaphor need not be too simple or too complex. Note that an image or set of images should be appropriately simple enough to be easily interpreted, but include enough detail so that the viewer can process the metaphor quickly.

  • Balance between the verbal & visual

    Adding supporting text can offer the viewer a key to interpreting the metaphor. We have already seen how a visual metaphor becomes more effective with complementing copy in ads. Use of word or phrase integrated into the visual being used can really facilitate the viewer' s interpretation

A fair idea of visual metaphors definitely helps us to express our ideas creatively and effectively. I guess, you will be able to come up with astounding presentations with the help of visual metaphors.